Your Airkit journey starts here

Welcome to Airkit's Documentation

Welcome to Airkit’s official documentation!

New to the Airkit platform? We recommend heading over to our Akademy. Akademy houses a variety of different guides and lessons to get you started. Reach out to our Sales team over at to learn how you can use the Airkit platform within your organization.

If you’re familiar with Airkit, hop on over to our Reference Documentation. There you'll find detailed information on each aspect of the platform.


Airkit Studio

The Airkit studio is where you build your applications. Check out our reference material to learn how to use vairous different Builders and our Debugger.


Airscript is our easy to use language that allows you to manipulate data within the Airkit platform.

First time with Airscript? We recommend checking out our Airscript Quickstart Guide


Console is where Airkit administrators can manage users, external integrations, key resources, and more.