Your Airkit journey starts here

Airkit Studio

The Airkit Studio is where you build your applications.


The studio is comprised of a variety of different builders. Each builder is uniquley designed to tackle a specific part of the app building process.

List of Builders

  • Journey Builder: Visualize and Plan out your Customer Journey
  • App Builder: Build out individual experiences - from Conversational Bots to our Web Canvas
  • Connection Builder: Powerful connections that allow you to connect to external integrations, manipulate and interact with data stored within Airkit's system of record, and trigger events within your Airkit Applications.
  • Media Library: Upload and manage static assets.
  • Data Builder: Create app-objects and interact with Airkit's system of record: Object-Service.
  • Theme Builder: Establish the look and feel of your applications.
  • Calendar Builder: Utilize Airkit's calendars to enforce TCPA and utilize our scheduler.
  • Configuration Builder: Define your application's profile. Airkit Profiles contain the specific integrations and properties that your Application needs in order to be deployed.
  • Portal Builder: Surface key information from your application so others in your organization can see and enter data contained within Object-Service, trigger customer journey events, and see application metrics.
  • Action Builder: Action builder is used throughout Journey Builder and App Builder. It allows you run actions on key joruney events (button clicks, dialog events, timers, and more).


The studio also houses our Debugger. This tool allows you to fully experience your Airkit applications without needing to deploy your application. You are able to step through each aspect of your journey - from the conversational pieces to the web experience - and inspect the data and journey events.