Your Airkit journey starts here


List of Builders

  • Journey Builder: Visualize and Plan out your Customer Journey
  • App Builder: Build out individual experiences - from Conversational Bots to our Web Canvas
  • Connection Builder: Powerful connections that allow you to connect to external integrations, manipulate and interact with data stored within Airkit's system of record, and trigger events within your Airkit Applications.
  • Media Library: Upload and manage static assets.
  • Data Builder: Create app-objects and interact with Airkit's system of record: Object-Service.
  • Theme Builder: Establish the look and feel of your applications.
  • Calendar Builder: Utilize Airkit's calendars to enforce TCPA and utilize our scheduler.
  • Configuration Builder: Define your application's profile. Airkit Profiles contain the specific integrations and properties that your Application needs in order to be deployed.
  • Portal Builder: Surface key information from your application so others in your organization can see and enter data contained within Object-Service, trigger customer journey events, and see application metrics.
  • Action Builder: Action builder is used throughout Journey Builder and App Builder. It allows you run actions on key joruney events (button clicks, dialog events, timers, and more).