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Action Builder

Defining How Your Controls Interact

Action Builder is unlike other builders in that it exists in the inspector only and does not have a representation in the navigation section on the left side of the window. You can find the Action Builder under the Actions Tab in the inspector when you have an item selected in the Tree in App Builder. Not every component type will have Events. In the example below, Clicked is the Event that has two actions: Run "Create Zendesk Ticket" and Change Card View to "Thank You".


Action Picker

Clicking on the plus button the right of an Event or condition will present you with the Action Picker.


The left side of the Action Picker are the Categories of available actions. Select different items on the left to see the different available Actions for each Category. There is a complete list of actions by category at the bottom of this document.

Selecting an action will place at the bottom of the Action Chain.

Action Tree

The Action tree is where you can see all the actions for the Events on a control.


The tree can contain individual actions or condition statements. Actions can re-ordered and moved into and out condition statements by grabbing the handle at the left side of the action action. These actions will be run in a top down order, branching based on conditions.

Action Editor

Clicking on an Action in the Action Tree will present the action editor.


In the Action Editor you will be able to see all the configurations of the selected Action. Each different type of Action will have different options in its' Action Editor.

Available Actions

  • Canvas Actions
    • Add Card - Add a New Card to the canvas
    • Update Card - Change the current card view
    • Remove Card - Remove the selected card from the canvas
    • Open Modal - Present another card as a modal
    • Close Modal - Dismiss the presented modal
  • App
    • Run Data Operation - Run a single data operation
    • Run Data Operation Repeatedly - Run a data operation for each item in a data set
    • Set Variable - Assign a variable a new value
    • Initialize Actor - Set the actor
    • Set Identifier - Associate a unique identifier with this session
    • Run Event - Run a journey event
  • Voice and Chat
    • Start Voice Bot - Start a voice bot with the current actor
    • Start Chat Bot - Start a new Chat Bot conversation with the current actor
  • Action Tree
    • Condition - Group and run a set of actions when certain conditions are met
    • Create Timer - Schedule an action chain to run a later time
    • Cancel Timer - Cancel a scheduled timer
    • End Journey - End the current journey
  • Reporting
    • Metic: Count - Create a counter
    • Metric: Field - Create a metric field
    • Metric: Statistic - Create a statistical metric
    • Metric: Start Timer - Create a timed metric and start it
    • Metric: Stop Timer - Stop a timer and record the time
    • Log Custom Event - Used to log a custom event with an Airscript expression