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Configuration Builder


Configuration Builder is a place where you can setup different profiles to work with different resources, app level configurations, Data Sources and Profile Variables. Creating different configurations for your app can provide for things like Development and Production deployments.



A profile is a group of settings. When deploying your app you can select which profile the deployment should use. This allows you to have different phone numbers and urls for multiple deployments of your app. Your app can have any number of profiles.

You can add new profiles by selecting the plus icon on top right of the profile header. You can switch between profiles by click on the profiles dropdown in the center of the header. The profile currently selected in configuration builder will be the profile used in all debug journeys.

Global Settings

This is a group of settings that define the behavior of your app. Here is a list of app settings and their meaning:

  • Session Expiration Time - Defines the length of time to keep journeys open.
  • Timezone - This is the timezone to be used by default in the app. Airscript date functions allow you to override the default.
  • Language - The default language for Airscript format functions.

Voice Bot, Chat Bot & Canvas Settings


These sections are used to define the phone numbers and web resources that your app will use when deployed. You will need to add your resources to your organization in order to use them.



Integrations represent connections to external systems of record. These can be used for bringing in data or outputting data. These are created through adapters. You define which Data Source your app uses for each configuration. This can be useful for using different sources of record for production or development.

App Settings


When you promote a journey level variable it gets moved to App Setting. These settings can be accessed throughout your app by "profile.settingString" anywhere you can use an Expression. This can be useful for defining values that you might want to change between different profiles.