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Media Library

Upload and utilize your brands assets

By adding images to your web experience or custom responses in your voice bots, you can enhance the user experience with your app. The Media Library allows you to upload and manage these files.


What can you use media files for

Add Images

Any uploaded image can be utilized in the app building process. They can be used in the headers of your app, or throughout your web experience. Here are some potential use cases for your images:

  • Show where to find the serial number on a product
  • Delight the user with animations
  • Attract the users attention to key information
  • Create brand awareness by having your logo in the header
  • Create richer, more complex buttons or click targets

Add Voice

Our voice bots allow you to provide custom audio files to play to the user rather than using a text-to-speech engine.



The stage allows you to see a list of all your different assets. You can drag and drop files on your computer to upload content, or you can click on the Upload button found in the upper right. You can also delete any uploaded content by clicking on file and clicking the trash can icon in the upper right.

Additionally, the stage provides  a quick glance at the filetype, size, name, version, and the last time that the image was modified.



The inspector gives you additional information about your uploaded file along with giving you a preview of your uploaded file.