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Portal Builder

Portal Pages

Portal builder allows you to create portal pages. These are the different portal page types:

  • Data Grid
  • HTML
  • PowerBI Dashboard
  • Reporting Dashboards

Data Grid

The Data Grid page allows you to interact with data stored in Object-Service where you can view, modify, and create data. Data grid has a variety of options to let you fine tune functionality. These options allow you to change different edit properties of the data, require certain data to be entered, hide or limit individual views of the data, and much more.

Restricting Data Access

The data grid is a table that shows you all the data in object-service. By default, the data grid will showcase all the columns and all the the data you have stored inside the Airkit system. While this might work well for some, other use cases might require a more nuanced approach. Here are some restrictions that you can apply to the data grid:

  • Only viewable to users with specific User Variables
  • Making the entire grid read-only
  • Removing unnecessary or un-important columns
  • Only view data that matches an existing User Variable
  • Show Deleted Data

Restricting Data Input

In order to restrict the data input, please head over to Data Builder to learn how you can restrict data entry.


You're able to add filters to your data grid. These filters will apply to all users that view the portal pages.

Connecting Data Operations

In order to connect a data operation to a data grid portal page you need to ensure that the data operation takes a single input. This input must match the app-object type your data grid is displaying.


The HTML portal page allows you to create custom content that can be displayed to users. The flexibility of HTML allows you to use any existing HTML templates that you might have. This page type can be used for a variant of different use cases:

  • Instructional material, Static Content, How-to's

  • Embeddable content such as videos, images, or even an Airkit Embed

PowerBI Dashboard

PowerBI is a powerful visualization tool created by Microsoft. Airkit has integrated our reporting system with PowerBI to enable you to send any metrics that are generated from an Airkit application to your PowerBI instances.

Reporting Dashboards

The Reporting Dashboard portal page allows you to display your configured reporting dashboard. After configuring your reporting dashboard you'll be able to add a reporting portal page and make your metrics available to additional users.